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Amsterdam transportation options

Transportation options in Amsterdam

Traversing Amsterdam is a pleasurable and straight forward experience, with an efficient public transport system comprising of trams, trains, metro, buses and ferries delivering you to all four corners of the capital with ease.

Airport Connection

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport provides a modern and exceptionally well organised environment for your arrival into the Netherlands, with all signage clearly visible and presented in both Dutch and English. Taxis connecting the airport to the city can be costly, with fares in the region of 40 to 50 euro. A cheaper and often faster method of reaching the centre is by train, with tickets priced at around 3 euro for a single journey. Feel free to check out our video entitled “Arrival at Schiphol Airport” for more information.

Public Transport

For travellers who have visited the Netherlands previously, please be aware that paper tickets are no longer available and have been replaced by OV-chipkaarts, a handy pass that allows unlimited travel throughout the capital. For extensive advice on where to purchase such products and how to utilise them to your advantage, please visit the GVB website. Alternatively, you can find valuable information in the “Amsterdam Public Transport” video.

Check In and Check Out

When you enter your preferred mode of transport, hold your OV-chipkaart towards the card reader until a green light appears and a resounding beep signals you have checked in. Do not forget to repeat this procedure when exiting the tram or train, even if you are immediately switching to a new mode of transport for an onward journey. Failing to check out can render your pass invalid and may incur a charge.

I-Amsterdam Cards

These helpful “smart cards” combine infinite use of the GVB public transport system over 24, 48 or 72 hour periods with free access to a variety of museums and attractions, in addition to a complimentary canal cruise. For more information and to buy online, please visit IamAmsterdam.

Free Transport

For a chance to explore Amsterdam’s undiscovered north and enjoy picturesque views along the way, take advantage of the excellent ferry scheme that provides regular services, departing from behind Central Station completely free of charge.

Explore by bike

With the Dutch leading the world in two wheeled transportation, Amsterdam comes fully equipped to cater for cyclists, offering a wonderfully rewarding and exhilarating way to discover the city. Rental stations are available in their droves and are conveniently scattered throughout the capital, many of which also supply maps and advice to help you plan the best and most effective route through Amsterdam’s scenic avenues. Amsterbike, and Macbike are two of the most well known companies on the market, although a thorough search of the internet will present you with a host of suitable alternatives located within your apartment’s vicinity.

The Canal Bus

Boasting over 100 kilometres of charming waterways, the indisputable “Venice of the North” was made to be traversed by boat and affords numerous diverse cruise options to suit all tastes and budgets. The impressive Canal Bus arrangement unites effective transportation with an engaging sightseeing experience, allowing travellers to hop on and hop off at will, which incorporates three distinctive routes and 17 convenient stops. Reserve your tickets online in advance and receive a 10% discount at Canal bus.

Mac bikes, Vondelpark area, Amsterdam

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